The Night Before the Budget Was Due

‘Twas the night before the budget was due

And all in the office were feeling truly blue.

The process itself had become quite a mess

Causing the poor CFO an immense amount of stress.

The budget, it seemed, had developed quite a gap

And closing it fell squarely into her lap.

Operations, Sales, Marketing, and HR

Now all came to reckon with the money czar.

Into the Conference Room

They filed in a gloom.

Year-end initiatives were to be slashed

And hopes for bonuses soon to be dashed.

O Capital! O Expense! O Revenue and Line Item Review!

It would be a long night, so put the coffee to brew.

To close out the books and then look to next year

The gap must be closed, and the books in the clear.

When, at the head of the table, there arose such a splatter

The team all turned to their CEO to see what was the matter.

“I found it!” she cried, righting her mug

“Here it is! Right in front of us!” as her coffee dripped to the rug.

And she was right, there it was, right in the spreadsheet

An error, an error that had never before been so sweet.

Just like that their misfortune had shifted

And the melancholy air was suddenly lifted.

With a smile, she proclaimed “Now to discuss 2019!”

So the team doubled down on their servings of caffeine.

Would it be top down or bottom up?

The reconciliation would need to line up.

Capital investments, advertising, hiring, and training

Each department seemed to think cash was suddenly raining.

Her head in her hands, the CFO divvied the hoard

“Let’s get realistic and finish this before we meet with the Board!”

Finally, deep into the night

Just when the CFO was ready to take flight,

Department forecasts began to appear.

She suddenly felt much better about the 2019 Fiscal Year!

She checked against cash flow, projections, and obligations

Making sure to be solemnly careful with all calculations.

“We’ve done it, we’re ready!” she cried with excite.

“Go home everyone, and have a wonderful night!”