The Leadership Mindset

A major international business magazine has said, “Purpose is not nice. It’s not tame. It’s not a generic statement of goodness. Purpose is about sharpening your edges, drawing lines in the sand and declaring what you stand for.”

So how about you? As a leader, what’s your purpose? What do you stand for? In this session, we look at these questions with the help of Dr. Nido Qubein. Dr. Nido Qubein has written more than two-dozen books, has been a board member of four different companies and is president of a major university.

The Leadership Mindset Learning Goals

  • Learn to take the three steps to developing a leader’s mindset
  • Identify the three sources of competence
  • Develop the three key habits of a leader
  • Know how to position yourself as an extraordinary leader

Develop Your Leadership Mindset