Multigenerational Leadership

Leaders who recognize the impact of the modern age-diverse workforce can also discover the key to overcoming negative stereotypes and build communication strategies to help bridge the gaps.

Multigenerational Leadership introduces the advantages of having a wider range of experienced people working together and prepares managers to more skillfully and confidently lead such a team.

Crestcom has collaborated with Amy Lynch, the highly-respected authority on generational intelligence. As a Crestcom faculty member, Amy will help you understand why it’s essential to change intergenerational behaviors so you can get results.

Multigenerational Leadership Learning Goals

  • Learn how to identify generational stereotypes and better engage the skills on your team
  • Illustrate how multigenerational communication and skills can bridge the gaps and provide better connectivity
  • Develop an effective approach to attract, retain, and lead a multigenerational team

Improve Productivity With Multigenerational Leadership