Change Leadership

“Efforts to change a company will not succeed against the will of its employees,” warned the chief executive of a Fortune 500 computer company. That’s a grave warning when you consider that employees distrust four out of every five change efforts they hear.

How can you change your company for the better in the face of odds like these? For the answer, we’ll learn about effective change leadership from Dr. Kimberly Alyn. Dr. Alyn is a popular international speaker, best-selling author, and a specialist at inspiring executives to achieve more in their lives and their leadership.

Change Leadership Learning Goals

  • Recognize the four primary reasons why people resist change
  • Learn to effectively “sell change” by presenting benefits and overcoming objections
  • Effectively involve everyone in the organization in the planning and implementation of change
  • Become a “change architect” who is trusted by others

Improve Employee Engagement With Change Leadership