Management Development Programs That Get Real Results

Our management development programs are specifically designed to produce real, measurable results from your people for your business.

Invest in the growth of your business by developing the people you count on to achieve it. Crestcom partners with leadership development experts to develop a practical, results-driven, interactive management training curriculum proven to produce business results.

The Bullet Proof Manager

Practical Management and Leadership Skills Development

The Bullet Proof Manager is a 12-month interactive leadership and management training program designed to develop the skills and habits of successful leaders in your team. Management training should not be a one-time event. The Bullet Proof Manager is intentionally designed using adult learning principles that build on manager’s experiences, hone practical tools and skills, and applies blended content to facilitate a goals-oriented learning experience.

Managers and leaders in The Bullet Proof Manager management training program are not participating in just another management crash-course. They learn and apply skills over time, report progress to their management training facilitator, and share their experiences with their peers. This approach is proven to develop results-driven leadership competencies in management teams worldwide.

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Crestcom Continuing Education

Continuing Education for Managers and Leaders

The most successful managers and leaders know that school is never out for the pro. Graduates of our Bullet Proof Manager training program have the unique opportunity to join the Crestcom Continuing Education program.

Subscribers to our continuing education program meet once per quarter to participate in Crestcom’s newest management training class. New management training topics are introduced in the program on an ongoing basis, and class content never repeats itself.

Participants in the Crestcom Continuing Education program receive the same value as The Bullet Proof Manager program, at a fraction of the time and financial commitment.

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Next Generation Sales Academy

Sales Training Proven to Improve Sales Team Performance

Sales associates and managers develop and hone proven sales skills in this management training program designed specifically for your sales team. After participating in Crestcom’s Next Generation Sales Academy training program, your sales team will have improved the skills they need to close more profitable deals to significantly improve your business’s top-line growth.

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Find local management training to start turning your managers into business leaders.  Our management training programs deliver results.