Bullet Proof Manager

Our interactive learning experiences help people produce real business results.

We focus on global business with local relationships, and our experts help you navigate your key business challenges through our in-depth, live leadership training courses for your managers and sales team.

Bullet Proof® Manager

Your managers explore, in-depth, two topics per month over the course of 12 months.
This month, our experts are guiding managers through these modules:

Develop effective – and devoted – employees

Featuring Simon Bailey
  • Employee devotion strategies
  • Infuse the brand story
  • Validation failure

The leader’s mindset

Featuring Dr. Nido Qubein
  • The To-Do list of extraordinary leadership
  • Shift focus from obstacles to results
  • Leadership positioning

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Our in-depth management training programs are where your managers connect and grow. As they work alongside their management peers from other companies and industries, they will expand their knowledge of proven management strategies that they can apply immediately.

Meet Our Experts

10 Core Competencies

Builds the Right Team
Influences Others
Understands the Business
Executes Vision
Encourages Excellence

Develops Positive Relationships
Develops Customer Focus
Fosters Innovation
Models Personal Growth
Drives for Results

Bullet Proof® Manager

Achieving growth together

3-Way Partnership


Crestcom live facilitation

Increased leadership capabilities

Core competencies and need-based answers


Participants coach others

Participants & Supervisor One-on-One

Implemented monthly plans and shared results


Executive Involvement

Monthly SMART Meetings

Monitored actions and measurable results

Interactive Learning

The 12-month format is designed to foster a deeper understanding of business best practices. The structure of the training and follow-through allows managers enough time to internalize new information and demonstrate how it works for your company. Throughout the year, our business experts will help your managers navigate challenges and identify solutions.

Results-Oriented Curriculum

We develop your management team over time to create the right kind of change that cannot happen in a one-day crash course. Managers learn about two essential business topics each month for 12 months, which they can immediately apply upon returning to the office. They will first gain insight and inspiration from our top-notch team of business pros in a video that sets the stage for deeper exploration of each topic.

Our on-site experts then guide the group through live, interactive lessons designed to help participants identify their strengths, weaknesses and business goals.

After each session, managers will leave with a results-oriented, quantitative action plan to implement on the job, and they will receive valuable follow-up and feedback at the sessions.

Network Development

In addition, your team has the opportunity to connect with dozens of other local business professionals. As new participants join each month, the chances to develop their network expand.

Let’s Start a Dialogue

Schedule a complimentary, two-hour Leadership Skills Workshop to start developing your team today. We will bring the session to you – no cost and no obligation – and your team will learn valuable insights that they can put into practice immediately.

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