The Leadership Habit

Transforming Behaviors to Drive Results

Leaders who commit to inspiring change will develop more productive teams and will build long-term growth for their organization.

The Leadership Habit provides the framework for patterns of behavior that will transform the way you lead. This book condenses volumes of advice into 10 key competencies and teaches you how to create daily habits surrounding these centers of leadership excellence.

  • Proven advice and framework for great leadership
  • Transform your leadership habits across 30 specific skill areas
  • Discover how to drive for results, build the best team, execute vision, foster innovation, and more
  • Model personal growth, focus, and positivity
  • Accelerate productivity and maintain your organization’s competitive advantage

the leadership habit

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the leadership habit

Be among the first to get a sneak peek of The Leadership Habit before it hits the shelves April 17th, 2017.

This book is your invaluable guide to being one of the greats, with proven advice and a concrete framework for leading well.

Through expert discussion and deep dissection of the ten core competencies of great leadership, you’ll discover how to drive results, build the best team, execute on vision, foster innovation, and more.


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Tammy Rivera Berberick is the President and CEO of Crestcom International, the leading organization in results-based interactive leadership development. Tammy holds an MBA and has held numerous executive level positions leading transformational change within organizations. Tammy has coached over 100 CEOs and key executives on leadership, change management, organization design, and strategy.

Peter Lindsay is the Director of Operations of Crestcom International. He is a former officer in the United States Air Force, holds an MS in Strategic Intelligence, and is a global facilitator in leadership development. Recognized as a thought leader, he is a trainer, instructional designer, and author in leadership and social change.

Katie Fritchen is a writer and brand strategist for Crestcom International. A graduate of the University of Oregon’s Lundquist School of Business and specialist in business development, she is an author and editor in areas including business management and leadership.

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