Why Us

Your needs and the immediate needs of company leaders worldwide have defined our curriculum. With a track record of 25+ years, spanning more than 60 countries, Crestcom International delivers interactive learning experiences that help people produce real business results. We focus on global business with local relationships, and our experts help you navigate your key business challenges through our in-depth, live training programs.

The Bullet Proof® Manager course turns managers into smarter leaders and gives them the necessary skills to bring bottom-line results to your organization.

The 48 hours of professional training is purposely spread over 12 consecutive months to ensure the greatest degree of implementation and accountability. Crestcom’s training creates advantages for leadership teams committed to a process of team performance and productivity improvements that can be sustained year after year. During this interactive process, your managers will explore proven business strategies, learn how to overcome barriers, and develop action plans for setting and achieving visible and measurable goals.

For your sales team, our Sales Academy intensive gives them the confidence to ask for the close every time.

This six-week program is designed to give salespeople the tools they need to quickly start producing or to accelerate results. The interactive training is optimal for teams and includes key follow through and private, company-specific follow-up that captures actual sales impact after the training is completed.

Crestcom helps to produce real business results with every client:

  • Every action affects output, costs, time, or quality.
  • Every session produces measurable action plans.
  • Every manager implements lasting team improvements.
  • Every team interactively learns concepts and tactics.
  • Every CEO discovers new capacity with existing managers



Always act with INTEGRITY     Be honest, open, accountable, and always do the right thing.
Create value through INNOVATION     Be curious, learn and continuously drive value through innovation.
Achieve EXCELLENCE     Exceed expectations, anticipate, and embrace competition to become better.
Execute with PASSION     Believe in what we do and prove it with dedication and excitement.

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