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Our interactive learning experiences help people produce real business results.

We focus on global business with local relationships, and our experts help you navigate your key business challenges through our in-depth, live training programs for your managers and sales team.

Bullet Proof® Manager

Your managers explore, in-depth, two topics per month over the course of 12 months.
This month, our experts are guiding managers through these modules:

Better performance through better teamwork

Featuring Jack Mackey
  • Communicate great expectations
  • Passionate engagement
  • The Teamwork Maxim

Managing time for maximum results

Featuring Mark Sanborn
  • Focus on the right things
  • Put more life in your time
  • The MVP Playbook

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This in-depth management training program is where your managers connect and grow. As they work alongside their management peers from other companies and industries, they will expand their knowledge of proven management strategies that they can apply immediately.

Meet Our Experts

10 Core Competencies

Builds the Right Team
Influences Others
Understands the Business
Executes Vision
Encourages Excellence

Develops Positive Relationships
Develops Customer Focus
Fosters Innovation
Models Personal Growth
Drives for Results

Bullet Proof® Manager


Achieving growth together
3-Way Partnership

Crestcom live facilitation
Increased leadership capabilities
Core competencies and need-based answers

Participants coach others
Participants & Supervisor One-on-One
Implemented monthly plans and shared results

Executive Involvement
Monthly SMART Meetings
Monitored actions and measurable results

Interactive Learning

The 12-month format is designed to foster deeper understanding of business best practices. The structure of the training and follow-through allows managers enough time to internalize new information and demonstrate how it works for your company. Throughout the year, our business experts will help your managers navigate challenges and identify solutions.

Results-Oriented Curriculum

We develop your management team over time to create the right kind of change that cannot happen in a one-day crash course. Managers learn about two essential business topics each month for 12 months, which they can immediately apply upon returning to the office. They will first gain insight and inspiration from our top-notch team of business pros in a video that sets the stage for deeper exploration of each topic.

Our on-site experts then guide the group through live, interactive lessons designed to help participants identify their strengths, weaknesses and business goals.

After each session, managers will leave with a results-oriented, quantitative action plan to implement on the job, and they will receive valuable follow-up and feedback at the sessions.

Network Development

In addition, your team has the opportunity to connect with dozens of other local business professionals. As new participants join each month, the chances to develop their network expand.



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Find local training to start turning your managers into business leaders.  Our Training delivers results.

Crestcom Sales Academy

Equip your sales force with the tools they need

Accelerated Training
The Crestcom Sales Academy reduces ramp-up time for your new sales associates by giving them powerful sales tools over the course of six consecutive weeks. In less than two months, both new and seasoned salespeople will learn how to start closing more deals and how to negotiate bigger customer contracts. If your salespeople did not meet their goals last year, now is the time to arm them with new strategies. If you have a team of solid performers, this sales training can empower them to meet their stretch goals.

Real-Time Results
This aggressive training ensures that your team will maintain its focus on selling while, in real time, applying new skills that will produce better results. They will practice and apply proven communication techniques that open doors to new opportunities.

Salespeople will learn strategies for developing referrals, overcoming objections or resistance, and creating deeper and stronger relationships with existing customers – all of which lead to more sales for your company.


Crestcom Sales Academy:
10 Core Competencies

Become priority Focused and Goal Driven

Make Good Impressions

Identify, Qualify and Get in Front of
Good Prospects

Make Impactful Presentations

Skillfully Overcome Concerns

Close Sales


Maintain Quality Client Relationships

Get Good Referrals

Follow Up with Clients

“The result of (Crestcom Sales Academy training) has been an increase in confidence within the Sales Team; each member having re-set their goals with a resultant expectation of a significant increase in revenues for the Company.”

–Roger Richards, managing director, FLSmidth Krebs Australia

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