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BPM was a great learning experience

"The Journey of BPM was a great learning experience. Not only for me, but for my team also. We could all speak the same language and work towards a better goal. Thanks for such a meticulously planned and executed training session, with so much energy and content in it. "

I would say this was the best ever training program

"I greatly enjoyed the bullet-proof training session in every aspect - course structuring/topics, content and delivery. I would say this was the best ever training program that I have attended in my career spanning 13 years."

The outcome has been strikingly reflective

"I have been empowered a great deal with the skills, knowledge and experiences gained from this course. The outcome has been strikingly reflective on the improvement strategies I have implemented, so far in my account. These implementations have already started yielding significant business results in terms of customer delight, new business opportunities and additional revenues!"

More than 98% of clients say Bullet Proof Manager training equaled or exceeded their expectations.

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Throughout the programme and a month after its successful completion, we managed to countertouch measurable benefits of nearly 68 times our initial investment…Hence, internally we have given the programme a nickname ‘The Crestcom Economic Crisis Proof Manager’ Programme.

– Hyphen


I was able to apply some of the techniques for making concessions. I also was able to get concessions when they asked me for one. This has allowed me to maintain control over my purchasing negotiations. I am able to get more purchasing power for our money, and save thousands of dollars in the process.

– Coca-Cola

Atex Media Solutions

We finished the year showing a $741,000 profit – a $19m turnaround and better than breakeven results. I contribute our success to the concepts and practices that form the essence of Crestcom training.

– Atex Media Solutions

Pilot Pen

I took an idea that I got at the training session and cross-trained all the employees in my department to cover any position at any time. As a result, order processing, dock receiving, and shipping functions are now always covered, and we provide customer service without interruption.

– Pilot Pen

Sheraton Hotels

This concept saves thousands and thousands of T&D funds. By Crestcom giving you the materials, methods, and teaching techniques, it becomes a program that can be used for years. That is the kind of bang I want for my buck.

– Sheraton Hotels

American Airlines

Your team really seems to go out of their way to show concern and to be helpful. The professional investment that our American Airlines managers are making will serve as an excellent enhancement to their career dimensions.

– American Airlines

Laurens County Health Care

We are currently about 20% into the program, I must say that I am extremely satisfied. We have already seen well over a 100% return on investment and yet we have 80% of the program to go.

– Laurens County Health Care

Chemical Bank

In my opinion, the Preview Seminar which gave us the opportunity to sample the product before committing was a favorable point in Crestcom’s effort and helped us arrive at the decision to participate.

– Chemical Bank

Pitney Bowes

All the managers loved the process, because it is straight forward and immediately applicable to their operations. Thanks to these programs, we are able to give practical techniques to our managers.

– Pitney Bowes


I am happy to let you know that I have found this an excellent total sales training programme that is very much geared to the experienced and inexperienced trainer alike.

– Motorola


The programme shows how to develop our skills in a simple, yet highly constructive manner. I have found it very relevant to the Australian market conditions.

– Nike

Guinness Breweries

I have no hesitation in recommending the programme to other organizations.

– Guinness Breweries


As a new supervisor for a team of technical training specialists, I have had the need to develop many new managerial skills. The Crestcom program provides me with the opportunity to focus on many key areas that apply to my everyday activities as a manager.

– Xerox


The seminars have served as good reminders of basic principles to us and have brought fresh ideas to subjects such as recruiting, attitudes, motivating, dealing with workplace mistakes, setting priorities, and goals.

– Caterpillar

Kenya Airways

We found the program unique, effective and beneficial. The topics were not only relevant but critical in the development of management competencies of various levels of our organization.

– Kenya Airways

IKON Office Solutions

Based on the improvement I have seen after only 4 months, I can honestly say the program has already paid for itself.

-IKON Office Solutions

Local Clients

Festo Controls
Aurobindo Pharma
Pulse Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
TVS Motors
Sundaram Clayton
Intimate fashions
Pace Pvt. Ltd.
Columbia Asia Group of Hospitals
Sigma Aldrich

International Clients

American Airlines
American Express
Bank of America
BP Amoco
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Chase Manhattan Bank
Cingular Wireless
Cisco Systems
City of Stuttgart
Cummins Engines
Dell Inc.
General Dynamics
General Mills
Hilton Hotels
Holiday Inn Hotels
Hong Kong Bank
Hyatt Hotels
John Deere
Kenworth Trucks
Kraft Foods
Kuwait Petroleum
Leo Burnett Advertising
Lockheed Martin
Marriott Hotels
Mobil Oil
Motorola, Inc.
Nestle Foods
Northrop Grumman
Occidental Petroleum
Oracle Software
Prudential Insurance
Pulte Homes
Ritz-Carlton Hotels
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
Shell Oil
Sheraton Hotels
State Farm Insurance
Toyota Motor Corp.
Triumph Motorcycles
Verizon Wireless
Westin Hotels

At a time of unprecedented change, more people are being thrust into leadership roles than ever before, but many of them may not have had the right guidance to hone the skills necessary to manage, inspire and lead others. Those skills require development over time, and that is what Crestcom’s in-depth training provides.

Our training sessions are a leadership incubator where people from all company sizes and fields come together, over the course of 12 months, to learn and exchange experiences and new ideas. It’s an incredible learning opportunity for today’s dynamic marketplace.

Throughout our 25+ years in business, we have witnessed thousands of managers make the transformation from employee to leader. In 60 countries, touching more than 20,000 companies, we have seen managers as they develop insight and experience major breakthroughs. We have celebrated with them as they return to the next session with stories of applying their new skills on the job and how they produced tangible results.

Company leaders love Crestcom’s comprehensive training because it builds leadership strategies that last and focuses on accountability. As your managers return from each monthly session and apply their new, actionable skills, you will also increase output, sharpen quality, improve costs and drive the effective use of time.

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