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The return has far exceeded our expectations.

“For the investment that we committed to, we feel the return has far exceeded our expectations. The training was well delivered yet fun – highly interactive, enjoyable and I looked forward to each month’s session. Every company needs this sort of help especially in our current challenging market place.”

It offered us the opportunity to experience broad subject matters

“Your sessions have been to a high standard. The Bullet Proof Manager programme offered us the opportunity to experience broad subject matters over a workable time frame, and I know that many of the training subject discussions have been brought back and produced tangible benefits to Honeywell.”

It has given me the tools to be a great leader in the work place

“I would definitely state that this training course has guided me to be a better manager - it has given me the tools to be a great leader in the work place and I plan on using the tools and keeping my workbook as a bible to underpin my managerial success in future.”

More than 98% of clients say Bullet Proof Manager training equalled or exceeded their expectations.

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Mode Lighting

“I now see daily examples of our managers questioning the way we do things. They take ownership, use initiative and innovate, and above all I really believe that they find it more enjoyable.”

– Personnel Director, Mode Lighting Ltd

H & V Controls

“All four directors of our company have been on this course and I would like to congratulate you and Crestcom on such well run, organised and informative sessions. Whilst I was dubious about such training originally, I feel that it is the best investment we ever made.”

– CEO, H & V Controls


“The follow up sessions run on-site had a big impact in personalising the course and ensuring attendees got the most of every session.”

– Company Secretary, Xennia

Stearn Electric Company

“We would be delighted to recommend your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service. We look forward to doing business with you for years to come.”

– COO, Stearn Electric Company

Birmingham Seals

“It has made me realise that everyone is different and has given me the insight on the best way to deal with the staff, issues and anything else.”

– Manager, Birmingham Seals

MKS Telvac

“The Bullet Proof Manager Programme has allowed me to concentrate more effectively on the daily tasks that I should be performing and helped to provide a framework for some of the soft skills. This has particularly helped planning and goal setting along with dealing with change.”

– Manager, MKS Telvac

UK Cables

“Overall, the training course has helped me develop as a person, but more importantly as a leader of a team.”

– Manager, UK Cables

Shire Leasing

“Instead of focusing on telling my staff how to react and what training they need, I’ve used more effective questioning to highlight success and failure with great results!”

– Sales Manager, Shire Leasing


“£150k order booked at a higher margin. Just implementing one module has led to greater success, higher confidence and more positive results.”

– Manager, Metalweb

MWA Technology

“My staff are now working in a more efficient way, from picking to dispatch – they even stay over to get the job done!”

– Manager, MWA Technology

Assa Abloy

“No more time wasted on finding solutions to the same old problems. We now deal with the ‘predictable’ problems more swiftly, leaving more time for the unpredictable ones. “

– Manager, Assa Abloy

Guinness Breweries

“I have no hesitation in recommending the programme to other organizations.”

– Guinness Breweries

Kirkby Components

“From the ‘Deliver Results The First Time’ module, the Company is benefiting from minimum mistakes and not having to sort out errors and credits.”

– Manager, Kirkby Components


“…The format has allowed for a lot of learning through the interaction with managers from other companies and the 12 monthly sessions have been key in reinforcing the important elements that build strong managers and strong teams. The influence of this programme continues to be felt throughout our organisation…”

– COO, ServiceTec

John West

.. The Crestcom programme represents excellent value for money and gives a good return on investment. We are already planning our next phase of Managers for the new fiscal year…”

– HR Manager, John West

UK Electric Limited

“…The results were excellent with delegates displaying noticeable increases in confidence regardless of their time in the job. Infact some of the most improved were those with more than 10 years experience…”

-COO, UK Electric Limited

Local Clients

Assa Abloy
Atlas Copco Construction & Mining
Atlas Copco Ltd
Biesse UK
Boddingtons Electrical
Brackenheath Briticent
Branwell Ford & Associates
Chamonix Estates
Cornelius Group plc
Deta Electrical Co.
DST Output
Edmundson Electrical
Finlays Fresh Produce UK
Inspire UK
John West
Norbain SD
Powercell Industrial Batteries
Riso UK Ltd
Ryness Electrical Supplies
ServiceTec Global Services
Stearn Electric Co.
Tappenden & Co.
The Appointment Group
Thermal Engineering
TM Robotics (Europe)
UK Electric
Xennia Technology

International Clients

American Airlines
American Express
Atlas Copco Construction & Mining Ltd.
BP Amoco
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Chase Manhattan Bank
Cingular Wireless
Cisco Systems
City of Stuttgart
Cummins Engines
Dell Inc.
Finlays Fresh Produce UK Ltd
General Dynamics
General Mills
Hilton Hotels
Holiday Inn Hotels
Hong Kong Bank
Hyatt Hotels
Jet-Lube Ltd
John Deere
Kraft Foods
Kuwait Petroleum
Lockheed Martin
Mobil Oil
Motorola, Inc.
Nestle Foods
Northrop Grumman
Occidental Petroleum
Oracle Software
Prudential Insurance
Ritz-Carlton Hotels
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
Shell Oil
Sheraton Hotels
Toyota Motor Corp.
Triumph Motorcycles
UK Electric Ltd.
Verizon Wireless
Westin Hotels
Xennia Technology Ltd

At a time of unprecedented change, more people are being thrust into leadership roles than ever before, but many of them may not have had the right guidance to hone the skills necessary to manage, inspire and lead others. Those skills require development over time, and that is what Crestcom’s in-depth training provides.

Our training sessions are a leadership incubator where people from all company sizes and fields come together, over the course of 12 months, to learn and exchange experiences and new ideas. It’s an incredible learning opportunity for today’s dynamic marketplace.

Throughout our 25+ years in business, we have witnessed thousands of managers make the transformation from employee to leader. In 60 countries, touching more than 20,000 companies, we have seen managers as they develop insight and experience major breakthroughs. We have celebrated with them as they return to the next session with stories of applying their new skills on the job and how they produced tangible results.

Company leaders love Crestcom’s comprehensive training because it builds leadership strategies that last and focuses on accountability. As your managers return from each monthly session and apply their new, actionable skills, you will also increase output, sharpen quality, improve costs and drive the effective use of time.

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