Business Acumen

Developing Business Acumen

If you were given two minutes to describe your business vision, obstacles, strategy, and financial position, could you do it? Many people can but how well they do it likely depends on how developed their business acumen is. Business acumen is your ability to understand how your business operates, generates revenue, and creates current and… read more

Lead Your Company into the Coming Technological Revolution

Lead Your Company into the Coming Technological Revolution According to renowned futurist, Thomas Frey, in little more than one decade, over two billion jobs will disappear. The loss will be the byproduct of automation, computerization, and artificial intelligence, as well as a shift towards new industries. These new industries include 3-D printing, driverless cars, big… read more

How to Build Business Acumen to Crush Your Competition

Business acumen is a critical leadership skill, allowing you to make informed decisions that give you a competitive advantage. Organizations thrive when their leaders grasp the financial impact of every decision. Business acumen is the understanding of how the business operates, makes money, and grows profitably. It is a skill that everyone in your organization… read more