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50% more profitable
as a company

“…We are 50% more profitable as a company than prior to enrolling myself and our senior management team in the Bullet Proof Manager program, and certainly some credit for this is due to Crestcom and this program. We have documented over $500K in cost savings, productivity improvements, and revenue gains since starting the program, and we have not completed it yet."

The course is increasing both personal and professional awareness

“…The strategy leveraged in class by Crestcom has positively influenced our junior managers as well as our senior leaders…The course is increasing both personal and professional awareness and accountability, which I feel is foundational to our future growth expectation from the Executive Board in Germany…”

I had some

“… The members of our management team who have been enrolled in the Bullet Proof Manager program have learned a great deal and I believe are performing more effectively in their leadership roles. We have already seen the benefits that are a direct result of your course…”

More than 98% of clients say Bullet Proof Manager training equaled or exceeded their expectations.

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Throughout the programme and a month after its successful completion, we managed to countertouch measurable benefits of nearly 68 times our initial investment…Hence, internally we have given the programme a nickname ‘The Crestcom Economic Crisis Proof Manager’ Programme.

– Hyphen

Synergy Engineering

Having looked initially at several programs, our Management Team unanimously chose Crestcom for its combination of training elements, practical exercises and case studies, and for its professional delivery and post-session follow-up facilitation. We believed that the Crestcom approach gave us a high probability of effective implementation – and now some four years later, the positive results from our selection of Crestcom are quite visible…

– Synergy Engineering


Crestcom’s Canadian management training was very inspirational and energizing. I found it mixed both substantial and in-depth knowledge together with group studies, learning from experience and being fully practice-oriented… The best part was implementing action plans into daily work and watching its success unfold.

– Tonolli


We recommend the Crestcom Program as an effective way to increase communication and develop positive skills in your management team.

– Bio-Rad

The Hose & Hound Neighborhood Pub

This course has helped our organization in so many ways. We’ve bettered ourselves in all aspects of our company. From better organization and planning to motivating others. Stress management. Retention of employees. Dealing with change. And the most important one for us, better customer service.

– The Hose & Hound Neighborhood Pub

Reggin Industries

We have joined the Crestcom Bullet Proof Manager Training as a Leadership Team. Through this education I have seen our Leadership Team grow in knowledge and grow to a higher level of respect for each other. We have become more united and a stronger team going through the training together. We have additional tools to lead effectively together.

– Reggin Industries

BDI Canada Inc

The biggest selling point for us was the fact that this course is spread over one year in twelve half-day seminars. Emphasis is placed on applying what is learned in each module so that any information learned is retained and, more importantly, is utilized.

– BDI Canada Inc

Home Hardware

Attending the monthly sessions with other companies in various industries and with all levels of supervisors, managers and executives adds to the training experience by providing different points of view, challenges and implementation successes which other organizations face.

– Home Hardware

Pacific Controls

The implementation of the program will result in significant savings within the business. I would recommend the Crestcom program to anyone seeking to improve the ways which they develop their managers and overall business results.

– Pacific Controls

Mott Electric

I highly recommend Crestcom for managers and prospective managers of any experience level. The information provided in the program and the interaction with participants from other organizations helps to strengthen the learning. I have attended many courses and program over the years gaining knowledge and information that I found valuable. But one of the most important components of Crestcom is that it encourages you to put your learning into action and it celebrates the successes of the program participants action plans.

– Mott Electric


The programme shows how to develop our skills in a simple, yet highly constructive manner. I have found it very relevant to the Australian market conditions.

– Nike

Vipond Inc.

In reviewing the results of the implementation of the action plans of our managers, we have seen them making better decisions, setting SMART goals, tapping into the creativity of their teams, better managing their time, running more effective meetings and now focusing on achieving Gold Standard Customer Service.

– Vipond Inc.

Sabal Homes

Overall I found the program to be well balanced in its content, offering practical and relevant methods to address the situations that managers face. I often found that the session that I was attending was just what I needed at the time to apply to a challenge or need that I was facing in the office. Thanks again for your insight and instruction. I would certainly recommend this program to any new or seasoned manager.

– Sabal Homes


The seminars have served as good reminders of basic principles to us and have brought fresh ideas to subjects such as recruiting, attitudes, motivating, dealing with workplace mistakes, setting priorities, and goals.

– Caterpillar

NSK Canada Inc

I chose the Crestcom Management and Leadership Development Program because of the comprehensive practical process it provided for my team across Canada. . . The combination of videos, exercises and peer interaction provided us with a unique and challenging learning experience.

– NSK Canada Inc


We chose Crestcom’s Canadian management training program because of the critical skills that are addressed – communication, performance, coaching and mentoring. The classes are informative and thought provoking, which has challenged our team to dissect our normal operations to find improvements.


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Canadian Clients

AEM Corporation
Great Pacific Enterpise
Sequel Naturals
Almag Aluminum
Global Matrix
Scope Society
Atlas Block
Guillevin International
Sterling Group of Companies
Best Western
Hamilton Convention Centre
Harper Diesel
Source Cable
Bona Vista Pools
Hi Tech Seals
Summa Engineering
Brampton Brick
Hydro One
Sun Chemical
Brannon Steel
ISC Applied Systems
Sussex Strategy Group
Brookfield Restaurant
J.D. Barnes
Sussex Insurance
C&D Zodiac Aero
The Ad-Mill Group
Calgary Italian Bakery
Kidco Construction
Toronto Hydro
Canada Colors
Leesta Industries
Transpro Freight
Cardinal Meats
Logistics Alliance
United Van Lines
Chinook Energy
Unifirst Canada
Park Plaza Hotels
Vanguard Steel
Community Natural Foods
Portable Packaging
Vipond Inc.
Days Hotel
Potash Corp
Wallace & Carey
Delta Resorts
Pro Builders Supply
Red Robin Canada
Williams Moving & Storage
Enesco Canada Corp.
Rockett Lumber
World Meats
Samuel Manutech
G4S Security
Service Master of Canada
Outperform Consulting
Anchem Sales

International Clients

American Airlines
American Express
Bank of America
BP Amoco
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Chase Manhattan Bank
Cingular Wireless
Cisco Systems
City of Stuttgart
Cummins Engines
Dell Inc.
General Dynamics
General Mills
Hilton Hotels
Holiday Inn Hotels
Hong Kong Bank
Hyatt Hotels
John Deere
Kenworth Trucks
Kraft Foods
Kuwait Petroleum
Leo Burnett Advertising
Lockheed Martin
Marriott Hotels
Mobil Oil
Motorola, Inc.
Nestle Foods
Northrop Grumman
Occidental Petroleum
Oracle Software
Prudential Insurance
Pulte Homes
Ritz-Carlton Hotels
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
Shell Oil
Sheraton Hotels
Toyota Motor Corp.
Triumph Motorcycles
Verizon Wireless
Westin Hotels

At a time of unprecedented change, more people are being thrust into leadership roles than ever before, but many of them may not have had the right guidance to hone the skills necessary to manage, inspire and lead others. Those skills require development over time, and that is what Crestcom’s in-depth training provides.

Our training sessions are a leadership incubator where people from all company sizes and fields come together, over the course of 12 months, to learn and exchange experiences and new ideas. It’s an incredible learning opportunity for today’s dynamic marketplace.

Throughout our 25+ years in business, we have witnessed thousands of managers make the transformation from employee to leader. In 60 countries, touching more than 20,000 companies, we have seen managers as they develop insight and experience major breakthroughs. We have celebrated with them as they return to the next session with stories of applying their new skills on the job and how they produced tangible results.

Company leaders love Crestcom’s comprehensive training because it builds leadership strategies that last and focuses on accountability. As your managers return from each monthly session and apply their new, actionable skills, you will also increase output, sharpen quality, improve costs and drive the effective use of time.

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